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With Resveratrol

'America's First Grape,' the muscadine, was already growing wild in America before European settlers arrived back in the 1500's, and they started cultivating it soon after that. Since then, generations and generations of Americans have grown them, but only in the last few years has the true power and potential of this treasure really been discovered.

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As part of the National Food and Nutrient Analysis Program (NFNAP), the USDA, in collaboration with the Produce for Better Health Foundation, undertook the analysis of 59 individual fruits, nuts, and vegetables. These foods were analyzed for their oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC), or their capability to combat free radicals.

From this analysis, each food item was given a ‘score’ or ‘rank’ based on its ORAC levels. Berries, grapes, chocolate and spices are all at the top of the ORAC value list. Muscadine grapes have a relatively high ORAC value. Re:Plenish provides a superior mix of specific compounds, which means both a higher level and better blend of antioxidants to fight the free radicals that enter the human body.

Re:Plenish is a unique product that provides a proprietary blend of red grape juices featuring powerful muscadine grape juice. Muscadine is a natural source of resveratrol, which supports healthy heart and blood vessel function.

  • Helps you reach the recommended 3000 to 5000 daily ORAC units, with 3776 ORAC units per serving
  • Fights free radicals with a high proprietary blend of unique compounds from grapes
  • Supports healthy circulation and immunity, and provides the nutrient support for healthier looking skin

Take Re:Plenish if:

  • You don’t consume at least 5 servings of high ORAC foods daily
  • You want extra support for healthy circulation, immunity and younger looking skin
  • You want to support nerve and brain function
  • Your doctor or dentist has recommended a supplement with high ORAC levels
  • You want to fight the aging effects of a toxic environment and poor diet

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