Re:Build for Healthy Bones and Teeth

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Nutrients for Strong Bones and Teeth

More and more people are realizing the importance of calcium in building strong bones and teeth. However, calcium is not the only mineral needed to support healthy bones. The body also needs adequate levels of high-quality magnesium and zinc – all of which can be found in Re:Build. Our special formulation includes Vitamin D3 which is essential in calcium uptake.

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This superior formula combines CAeDSĀ® with the essential minerals and other nutrients required for strong bones and teeth. Combined with good dietary and lifestyle habits, Re:Build is valuable in helping to provide nutritional support for optimal bone and teeth health.

  • Maintains strong bones and teeth
  • Promotes optimal bone health

Take Re:Build if:

  • You want additional nutrients for optimal bone health
  • You lack adequate calcium in your diet
  • You want to promote strong, healthy teeth
  • You lack Vitamin D from your diet or sun exposure
  • Your physician has recommended a calcium supplement

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