Promoting optimal lifestyle changes by supporting EXCELLENT NUTRITIONAL STRATEGIES to accomplish maximum and superior health and wellness

GWAVISION nutritional strategies for weight management and to accomplish maximum health, is based on two important concepts, which are “primary food and secondary food”. When referring to primary food, the center focuses on the concept of “body-mind-and soul” related to the significance of the positive balance of the followings: relationships, spirituality, career, physical activity and good sleep hygiene. Moreover, the center extremely adopts the concept of Bio-individuality as an essential secondary food. Finally, the program believes, the kinds of food that a person eats should be based on the individual personal choice, not just a theory. GWAVISION is implementing a coaching system in supporting patients with the integration of both primary and secondary food to bring optimal health results.


  • Duration: 6 Months or more
  • Condition 1: Weight management and health
  • Condition 2: Pre-diabetes and diabetic patiens
  • Condition 3: Physical fitness & health exercise