Promoting optimal lifestyle changes by supporting PROPER PHYSICAL EXERCISE AND FITNESS as an overall anti-aging and preventive medicine

Physical exercise and fitness is the greatest preventive medicine and an excellent method to achieve superior health. GWAVISION strongly promotes and supports the concept of functional exercise as a start of fitness activity for its weight management program. The center recommends and encourages at least just 30 minutes of regular walking as a form of daily exercise. Exercise has several important health benefits for our body and mind. Exercise keeps our brain and body fits. Exercise can lift our mood and enhance our learning abilities. Exercise can boost our immune system, mental health and can significantly reduce stress. Moreover, exercise can improve our skin tone and has excellent anti-aging effects. Furthermore, exercise can lower risk for certain cancer it can also lower high blood pressure and the risk for diabetes, while significantly decrease the risk of osteoporosis. Finally, exercise can increase energy and endurance while reducing the feelings of depression and anxiety.


  • Duration: 6 Months or more
  • Condition: Physical fitness & health exercise, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis and general good health.